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Help Me Get the Recognition My Son Deserves

By Beth Agami, JWV Gold Star Mother Social media is a wonderful thing.  It has helped me to connect or reconnect with so many people over the years – including my son’s, SPC Daniel Agami, brothers in arms, the military community, the Gold Star community and so many more. However, when I recently opened my […]

Giving PTSD the Jewish Treatment, Not Just Matzo Ball Soup

By Anna Selman, Programs and Public Relations Coordinator A recent study from the Department of Veterans’ Administration (VA) found that the daily number of American veterans who commit suicide has decreased from 22 to 20 a day- a small improvement, but a step in the right direction.  The leading cause of veteran suicide is Post […]

VAVS: A Family Tradition

By Garland Scott, Post 753 Leo & Faye were involved in JWV activity since the mid 1980s, for over 40 years. Leo was a Post Commander for 2 years (19xx-19xx) and the designated Rep for VAVS between May 2005 & May 2007.  He continued to actively participate in JWV activities until is passing in May […]

The Eugene Moore National Stamp Program

By Mel Gervis, Post 440 The Eugene Moore National Stamp Program was started in 1991, and is designed to uplift the spirits of hospitalized veterans and shut-ins.  JWV members and good citizens collect stamps from local businesses and house of worship, which are then sent onto the National Stamp Program Distribution Chairman, Mel Gervis.  He […]

Veterans ID Cards

By Michael Corbett, Post 440 There’s a great deal of confusion over the “Veteran ID” cards soon to be issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs.  For those who have been rated by the VA Health Care system, issuance of the “Veterans’ Health ID card” permits qualified veterans to enter VA clinics and hospitals for […]

Secretary Shulkin’s Five Priorities

By Herb Rosenbleeth At a recent meeting in the Omar Bradley Conference Room in the VA Central Office, I got to hear Secretary David Shulkin present his five most important priorities for reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs: The Secretary’s first priority is to increase choice for our veterans. “We think that is an important […]

On the Role of Women

By Lance Wang, Editor I must be honest.   I spent over 20 years in the Army, almost all in Infantry units.   I enjoyed the camaraderie of all-male units until I arrived at Brigade level.   Periodically, I would leave the world of polite society and head out to the field among other men – to go […]

The G.I. Bill – the Great, the Bad and the Ugly

By Carl Singer The Great First a quick history lesson – the original G.I. Bill was enacted in 1944.  JWV proudly can claim to have a strong supporter and advocate for the G.I. Bill.  We along with other veterans groups made it happen! Some say that World War II brought America out of the Depression, […]