Jewish War Veterans of the USA Foundation (JWVF) was created in 2010 to directly give back to the veteran community, to support American active duty military personnel, and their families.

JWVF focuses on helping veterans or active duty personnel go back to school after their service through the National Achievement Program. Over $5,000 in grants are awarded annually to applicants. The Foundation also offers a grant program for high school seniors who are direct descendants of members of the Jewish War Veterans.

JWVF also helps sponsor the annual Jewish Warrior Weekend held at Texas A&M in the spring.  Jewish cadets from all over the country are invited to come participate in a weekend Shabbaton that provides camaraderie, as well as tools they will need to succeed in the military.

“Jewish Warrior Weekend solidified my commitment to the military and the Jewish people.  As future Jewish military officers, we must remember that we are defenders of the United States, while ensuring we remain steadfast advocates for our Jewish community.  Hearing from active duty and veteran Jewish military officers rekindled that sense of patriotism and pride.” 

Cadet Daniel Rosenfield