In the United States, there are currently 21.8 million veterans living among us, and for them, Veterans Day can be a time to reflect on their service.  For the other 300 million or so, Veteran’s Day can be a time to thank those who have served for us.

Veterans Day is celebrated every year on November 11th throughout the country.  We go to parades, attend speeches and do service projects for our veterans.  As a country, we try to give back to those who have served in some way.

Here at JWV, we also give back to those who have served.  The National Commander attends the White House celebration every year and places a wreath from JWV in Arlington National Cemetery.  Our local posts celebrate in their communities in parades, leading prayers and so much more.

Veterans Day Parades

JWV Members participate in their local Veterans Day parades.  With their JWV gear and their JWV flag, our veterans proudly represent the American Jewish community in their local Veterans Day Parade.


JWV members visit their local synagogue, JCC or Jewish day school on Veterans Day to talk with the Jewish community about their experiences.  This is a great educational opportunity for the community. If you are interested in having a JWV member come to speak to your group, contact the JWV Programs Department at 202-265-6280 ext. 401 or

Service Projects

Many of our local posts partner with their local schools, federations, synagogues, and other organizations.  They make cards, care packages, and other tokens of appreciation for their local veterans and troops.  If your organization is interested in creating packages for veterans and service members on Veterans Day, please contact the JWV Programs Department at 202-265-6280 or

“I always wanted to become a citizen of the United States and when I became a citizen it was one of the happiest days in my life. I think about the United States and I am a lucky person to live here. When I came to America, it was the first time I was free. It was one of the reasons I joined the U.S. Army because I wanted to show my appreciation.”

Medal of Honor Recipient Tibor Rubin