JWV Constitution & ByLaws
Manual of Ceremonies

2019 Change Proposal to be submitted to the JWV National Constitution & Bylaws Committee

  • The deadline to submit Constitution and Bylaw change proposals is Thursday, July 11, 2019.
  • Proposals will be published on the JWV website on Friday, July 19, 2019.
  • Proposals not submitted by the deadline will not be put on the Constitution & Bylaws committee meeting agenda.

Please include the following information when submitting change proposal.

  1. Name and post number of person submitting the proposal.
  2. Indicate if the proposal is a change to the Constitution or the Bylaws
  3. What is the Article number, and Section number (if applicable) where change will take place
  1. Show the Article to be changed exactly as it appears now in the Constitution or Bylaw.
    Example: This is the proposed change.
  1. Next, show the proposed change as indicated in the examples below.
    • Put a line through words to be deleted.
      This is the proposed change.
    • Insert and underline changes to be added.
      This is the proposed change that will be made.
  1. Send your change proposal(s) to Christy Turner at cturner@jwv.org.