Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. is the Jewish Voice for Veterans and the Veterans Voice for Jews.  We represent the Jewish voice across the nation and at military installations around the world.  For over 120 years, we have led grassroot efforts to get legislation for our veterans and Jewish community passed.  We have been the creating and driving force behind anti-discrimination legislation in the military and veteran community.  As one of the founding members of the Military Coalition, JWV has been an essential part of the national conversation on military and veteran issues – giving the Jewish community a voice to take care of all veterans and all military personnel.

We partner with anyone who shares our commitment to our veterans—whether they’re Democrat, Republican, or independent. We work closely with the White House, Members of Congress, the Department of Defense (DoD), the VA, corporations, and other nonprofits.  We also hold our leaders accountable for their failures to support our veteran community.

Click here for a list of JWV’s 2018 Legislative Priorities for the 115th session of Congress.

Preserving Our VA Healthcare System: JWV believes in a strong robust VA healthcare system that will be there for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.  That is why JWV strongly opposes the The Veterans Empowerment Act (H.R. 4457) introduced in 2017, and we will stand against any future legislation that aims to dismantle the VA healthcare system and charge veterans for service-connected healthcare.

Taking Care of Our Blue Water Navy Veterans: Our veterans that have served in Vietnam suffer at higher rates from deadly diseases and other chronic health conditions associated with their exposure to Agent Orange.  However, sailors that served on ships during Vietnam are not entitled to the same benefits as those who put their “boots on ground”.  JWV took up this issue when Past National Commander Jerry Blum, a Blue Water Navy Veteran himself, made taking care of our Blue Water Navy Veterans a JWV Legislative Priority.  In 2017, JWV and 7 other organizations signed on to a letter to Secretary Shulkin demanding that Blue Water Navy Veterans receive the same benefits as their other brother and sisters in Vietnam.  We are also actively campaining for the passage of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act (H.R. 299), which was introduced in the House in 2017.

Ensuring Caregiver Benefits: In the United States, there are nearly 6 million family caregivers taking care of sick and injured veterans.  They often face significant challenges, such as limited employment opportunities, lack of resources, occupational stress and fighting a system for care.  This is made so much harder for our pre-9/11 families that are not entitled to the same benefits as post-9/11 families.  We know that caregivers provide the best quality of life outcomes our veterans deserve, which is why JWV is demanding the passage of the Caring for Our Veterans Act (S. 2193) introduced in 2017.

Exploring Service Dog Benefits to Veterans with PTSD: Many veterans and service members with PTSD or TBI are constantly searching for anything that can help them cope or ease the symptoms of these diseases.  A recent survey found that traditional methods of treating PTSD were only 30% effective in treating our veterans.  We say that is not enough.  If service dogs can help those with PTSD and TBIs while also saving a dog from the shelter, we say why not do it?  We are encouraging the passage of the PAWS Act (H.R. 2327), which directs the VA to carry out a five-year pilot program to provide service dogs to veterans from approved non-profit organizations.  We also work with one of our member’s, Bart Sherwood, organization TADSAW that will provide free service dog training to a Veteran in need.

Ensuring Adequate Care for Our Female Veterans: As one of our female veterans put it, no one wants to go into a VA center for their annual women’s exam to have their doctor say they haven’t done one in 20 years.  Although the VA does great things in treating disorders like PTSD, we can say that their focus towards women’s health is somewhat lacking, which is why JWV is supporting the Deborah Sampson Act (S. 681).  We need to ensure that our female veterans are getting what they earned through hard work and service to their country.

Naming the First U.S. Base in Israel After a Jewish Veteran:  In 2017, it was announced that the U.S. had started construction on a U.S. Army Base that would be co-located on Israeli Air Base Mashabim.  JWV is currently spearheading a campaign to get the base named after SPC Daniel Agami, and we are encouraging a memorial to all of the 57 Jewish fallen heroes of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.