About the Committee:

As our longest running committee, the JWV Vietnam Veterans Committee are seasoned leaders within JWV.  Some of its members have been National Officers and even National Commanders!  They meet regularly to talk about the direction of the organization, and they even plan our Veterans Night Out during Convention.


  • Creating a plan of “where we see JWV in the next 10 years”
  • Creating legislative priorities for JWV to advocate for during the year
  • Plan the “Veterans Night Out” for Convention

Taking Care of Our Blue Water Navy Veterans:

JWV has been a strong supporter of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act, which would extend Agent Orange disability benefits and health care to between 70,000 and 90,000 veterans who served aboard ships in territorial waters off Vietnam during the war. The bill passed the House last year, but it seems that it is likely to fail in the Senate before this Congress’s term is over. It will be likely that the new Congress installed next year will have to tackle this important issue.JWV salutes the House of Representatives for unanimously passing a Blue Water Navy bill (H.R. 299) this past June. The sailors and Marines who served in the waters off of Vietnam, but did not come ashore or operate in “brown water” near sprayed foliage or runoff from dioxin-laced herbicides, are denied Agent Orange related benefits. This must be corrected!

  • JWV asks each member of Congress to vote to insure passage of legislation, which will provide appropriate benefits to Blue Water Navy veterans.