About the Committee:

This committee was started because the membership in JWV is aging, which is why JWV is ready to hand over the reins to the next generation.  We have a really exciting opportunity that the organization has given us by allowing us to take leadership roles and shape the organization into something meaningful for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.  We want to be the place for any Jewish person that has put on a uniform.


  • Create and support programs for Jewish service members on active duty.
  • Create and support programs for Jewish spouses of service members.
  • Create programs to mentor young Jewish soldiers and veterans in need of guidance.
  • Revamp Post meetings to fun and engaging events that Iraq and Afghanistan veterans want to participate in.

2019 Legislative Priorities:

GI Bill Accountability: 

Earlier this year, a report came out stating that more than 10,000 student veterans have gone more than 30 days—and 1,000 more than 60 days—without receiving their GI Bill stipends. Some had their housing and food supply interrupted due to the issue in distributing these stipends. To make matters worse, the VA initially stated that they were unable to retroactively pay these veterans.After much intervention by different VSOs and the Military Coalition (which JWV is a proud member), the VA reversed its course, and it will now retroactively pay these veterans their much earned benefits. The reason behind the missed payments and the delay were due to a 50-YEAR-OLD computer system. Congress must ensure that the VA updates it’s system as soon as possible. Relying on 50-year-old technology is not only substandard, it is actually harming our veterans. • JWV urges Congress to pass legislation modernizing all of the VA’s computer systems as well as ensuring that veterans receive their much-earned GI Bill benefits.