JWV Policies

What is the JWV policy on the Sabbath and holy days?

Please see the JWV Manual of Ceremonies Part III for JWV’s policy on the Sabbath and holy days.

Can my echelon support political candidates?

As a tax-exempt organization, JWV must be a non-partisan organization. Simply stated, we cannot support any individual candidates or political parties. Article II of the JWV constitution requires that this organization collectively, and its leaders individually, shall not in the name of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA, support or oppose any candidate for political office and cannot engage in partisan politics in any way.

JWV Programs

How can I become a JWV Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) representative?

Requests for VAVS representative and deputy certification should be made in writing from your department commander to JWV National Headquarters. Your request will be considered by the National Certifying Officer and, if approved, a certification letter will be sent to the chief of voluntary service at the VA medical center.

How can I request JWV Eagle Scout certificates?

Eagle Scout certificates can be requested by contacting our Programs Coordinator. Please provide us with the name and troop number of the scout.

Where can I get help with my VA claim?

Our service officers are available to answer questions or help with your VA claim. Visit https://www.jwv.org/veteran-resources/connect-service-officers-access-va-benefits/ to find a service officer near you.


What is a Patron?

A Patron is a supporter of JWV, who is not eligible for membership in the organization. Anyone who supports the mission of JWV can become a Patron. Annual dues for a Patron are the same as those for an Active or Associate member.

How can I transfer to another post?

All transfer requests should be made in writing. Please submit the Post Transfer Form to the JWV Membership Director, and the member’s new post should inform his/her former post of the transfer.

Why does JWV collect discharge papers from its members?

Our status as a tax-exempt veterans’ organization requires that a certain percentage of our membership be made up of war veterans. In some cases, the IRS has requested other veterans’ organizations to provide documentation that proves that their membership meets this requirement. We are collecting discharge papers from our members so that we will be able to prove that our members are war veterans.

I lost my service records. How can I get another copy?

Your military records can be obtained from the National Military Personnel Records Center. All requests must be made in writing. You can submit your request online, by fax, or through the mail. Please visit their website for instructions.