JWV is here to help Jewish veterans that have been affected by unforeseen emergencies.  Our National Disaster Relief Program exists to provide emergency aid to members in good standing who were affected by a natural disaster.

How to apply

Please submit all of the following to your Department Commander:

  • Photos of the damage
  • An estimate of the cost to repair the damage
  • An itemized list of items required or needing to be replaced (such as food, clothing, furniture, etc.)
  • Your name, contact information, and Post number

Decisions are made by the Disaster Relief Committee on a case-by-case basis. If the committee has questions or requires additional information, you may be contacted.  Your submission to the program is based upon the understanding that your contact information will be given to the case officers.  Up to $1,000 will be provided per case.

Interested in Giving to JWV’s Disaster Relief Program:

Our program is the only program that exists to help Jewish veterans in time of emergencies.  We depend on volunteers and donors to keep our great work going.  If you are interested in giving to this program, please check out our donation page.

“I want to say thank you to the JWV organization and fellow members for helping in the time of urgency after a natural disaster in the community.

Having health issues during times like these doesn’t make it any easier. It is tough but when it mattered the most, JWV was there, going above and beyond! We all should be proud of the JWV because that is what we should do for our peers, no one ever knows when it could be them in that situation.”