JWV is committed to being the one-stop shop for all Jewish military and veteran issues.  Whether you are thinking about joining the military, or need help filing your VA claim, JWV is there for you and your family.  We provide services that only we can provide.  When we are unable to provide those resources, we have made strategic partnerships in order to ensure that the needs are met for all of our veterans.

Below are some great resources that you and your family should consider if you need help.  If something you are looking for is not on this list, please feel free to contact National Headquarters at  202-265-6280 for more help.

Pre-Service Resources

Speak to a Jewish Veteran

Find a Recruiter

Thinking About Becoming A Military Chaplain?

In-Service Resources

Find a Chaplain

Need a Mentor

Experiencing Anti-Semitism in the Military?

Spouse and Military Children Resources

Jewish Camp Discounts For Military Kids

Help with Spouse Employment

Need Help Reconnecting After a Deployment

Transitioning to Civilian Life Resources

Need Help Transitioning Back Into the Jewish Community

Need Help Filing a VA Claim?

Education Grants

Career Resources

Job Placement

Need a Mentor

Network Within JWV

Struggling and Need Help?

Struggling with PTSD

Need Help Now

Need a Service Dog