About the Committee:

Jewish War Veterans has implemented a Committee for Women Veterans. I am honored to serve as the Chair. Women have served in the military unofficially and officially since the beginning of this country. Presently, Jewish War Veterans have women veterans from World War II to the present.


  • Jewish War Veterans, as well as other veterans service organizations, must bring female veterans issues to the public and Congress.
  • The VA is just beginning to address the concerns of women veterans, such as creating a women’s health section.  We are committed to seeing this through.
  • JWV’s Women in the Military Committee will be canvassing for input on the issues and concerns of our female veterans. We desire to represent these interests at the National Executive Committee and beyond.
  • We need female veterans mentoring our newer female veterans within JWV.  We are committed to seeing a female National Commander in our future.

Meet the Committee Chairwoman!

Sheila Berg spent 29 years in the Air Force Reserves. Although she worked as a clinical social worker in the civilian sector, she started her Air Force career with a personal goal to be trained as a jet engine mechanic.  She learned a different process to view and solve problems. Her experiences include creating the Family Support program at Dover Air Force Base. Her final assignment was in the command of a flying squadron.

At Dover AFB, she had the opportunity to develop programs, participate in Wing Level programs such as the Wing Picnic, and Senior Enlisted management courses at the Pentagon.