Several organizations exist whose primary goal is to strengthen the Jewish values of American Jewish youths. They are members of these organizations who, if JWV makes itself known to them, would likely want to get involved either in current programs, or as present/future members.

What Organizations Should Our Post Contact?

The following links will direct you to organizations that may be a valuable source of members, patrons, and other interested parties:

Young members of these organizations need community service hours in order to graduate and some may be members of their JROTC or local scout troop. In addition, their parents and relatives may be veterans or still serving in the US Armed Forces.

Hillel is the on-campus Jewish life group for college students, and provides Shabbat and Jewish services to them during their time at school. Some students may be members of the campus ROTC, or their parents/relatives may be veterans or still serving. Fraternity and Sorority members also need community service hours for campus projects and recognition.

And lastly, many younger Jewish families are turning to Chabad instead of a traditional synagogue. Chabads are great to interact with and are very visible in the communities in which they serve.

For more information or questions regarding various Jewish organizations across the nation, please reach out to our Programs, Outreach, and Events Coordinator Brenna Van Stone at 202-265-6280 ext.413 /