All submissions should be sent by email to Jennifer Brande (JWV Programs and Public Relations Coordinator)-

All articles must be:

  • Labeled with your name, phone number,
    and email address
  • In your own words
  • up to 350 words in length
  • Must include at least 1 photo (with a caption)
  • Typed and submitted via email
  • Answer 5 basic, yet important questions:
    • Who is involved?
    • What did they do?
    • Where did they do it?
    • When did the event occur?
    • Why were they there?

Guidelines for Photo submissions:

All photos must:

  • Include a caption of 3-5 sentences
    • While it is important to include the names of people in the photos, we really want to know what the participants were doing and why they were there.
  • Be submitted as a JPEG via email.
  • Be a good photo
    • What makes a good photo?
      • The photo is not blurry
      • The photo has good lighting
      • The photo clearly shows the participants and they look attentive and aware that their picture is being taken