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Dunkirk: A Movie Review

Fewer events in modern history have captured the public interest and imagination as utterly as the battles and machinations of the Second World War. The source of countless films, novels and other dramatic retellings, cultural depictions often focus on hard won victories and uphill struggles against the Axis powers. In Christopher Nolan’s newest film Dunkirk […]

She thought she was “hardly worth mentioning”

By Joel Michaels Gladys L. Lonstein-Gaman, a member of our country’s “greatest generation,” recently passed away, just two weeks shy of her 100th birthday. She served in the United States Army Nurse Corps during World War II (1943 -1946), where she was assigned to the 121st Station Hospital in Braintree, England. After the War, she […]

Don’t Forget to Duck

By Sam Greenberg Marty was born in Wilks-Barre, PA, and he was one of three brothers.  They grew up in a small town with around 4,000 Jews in the town, which was a large Jewish population for Wilkes-Barre’s size.  He was a Boy Scout, and he always wanted to serve his country and to follow […]

Leadership Under Fire

By Marc Wolf From the remote mountains of Afghanistan, to the tip of Japan’s Honshu Island, to the desert sands of Iraq and to London’s urban jungle; I’ve spent much of my adult life far from my family and my hometown of Beaumont, Texas. Through my travels as a U.S. Naval Officer, I’ve learned volumes […]


August 12, 2017 California Department Chaplain Dov Cohen from teachings of Bradley Shavit Artson What are you willing to die for? In the course of our daily routine, there are certain focal points — actions, comments or individuals — which can ignite our passion like nothing else. While these things may not receive a great […]

Here’s what we’ve been up to this Spring

On March 22, 2017, National Commander Colonel Carl Singer testified before a joint session of the Senate and House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. NC Singer presented the legislative priorities of JWV, thereby officially informing Congress of our position on a number of crucial veterans issues.  The co-chairs of the committee were Senator John Boozman (R-AZ) […]

The Face of Battle

Review by Cindy Chambers and Jordana Green Laurent The National Portrait Gallery’s “The Face of Battle: Americans at War, 9/11 to Now” examines the toils and tribulations of modern warfare in the lives of US service members. The six installations, ranging from photography to audio-visual, capture moments of pain, boredom, and camaraderie. Death, in all […]