The Jewish War Veterans Indispensable Role: Amended National Constitution and Bylaws

By National Commander Nelson L. Mellitz, Colonel, USAF, Ret.

In February 2022, National Commander Alan Paley called for an update to JWV’s Constitution and Bylaws, including the numerous amendments proposed in 2020 and 2021. Paley directed Scott Stevens and I to update the documents with the help of committee members PNC David Magidson, PNC Harvey Weiner, PNC Larry Schulman, National Judge Advocate Peter Nickitas, Barry Lischinsky, Larry Jasper, and Kim Queen.

The committee quickly determined that incorporating the amendments into the documents would produce 20th century documents with 21st century amendments. The committee’s mission was revised to completely rewrite both documents. After months of virtual meetings, the amended JWV Constitution and Bylaws were finalized. They are not perfect but incorporate most of the proposed amendments and are easy to read, follow, and use. The new Constitution and Bylaws with amendments will govern us for the next 25 years and beyond.

The committee took great care in eliminating any sexist terminology like chairman and serviceman. We could not change the Preamble because its part of our Congressionally approved charter. We did add a National Advisory Council which will make our organization more democratic in its decision making when the NEC is not in session.

Our new Constitution and Bylaws were approved during our National Convention in August and are now posted on the JWV website. These documents allow for amendments so that they will reflect the JWV membership’s continuously changing needs.

Volume 76. Number 3. 2022