JWV Statement on Attack by Iran on Israel

On Saturday, April 13, 2024, Iran launched hundreds of deadly drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles in an attack on Israel. Iran’s proxies, Hezbollah, the Houthis, Hamas, joined in the attack. Missiles were launched toward Israel from multiple geographic locations, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

Thankfully, Israel, and its allied partners in the US, UK, Jordan, and France, defended against this unprecedented, direct attack. Ninety-nine (99) percent of all the drones and missiles were intercepted, with the only reported hit causing minor damage to an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) base.

“JWV condemns the actions of Iran and their proxies in the strongest possible way and stands in solidarity with Israel and the allied partners to defend it borders and its citizens,” said JWV National Commander Colonel Barry Lischinsky, (Retired). “JWV deeply appreciates the efforts of the IDF, its allies, and all that stand against the evil of Iran’s actions in seeking to destroy the nation state of Israel.”

 Am Yisrael Chai


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