JWV Calls on New York Law Enforcement to fully Prosecute Individuals Responsible for Goyim Defense League Hate Flyers

“Flyers recently distributed by the Goyim Defense League in Nassau County, New York are extremely antisemitic and filled with hate.  They are despicable and threats to any Americans must be dealt with swiftly,’’ said Colonel Nelson L. Mellitz, USAF, retired, National Commander of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV).

The flyer singles out current and former Jewish Members of Congress and contains a weapon in the upper left corner with a Star of David placed on the foreheads of elected officials from several states.  Mellitz “implores New York law enforcement officials to fully prosecute the individuals responsible for the flyers.” Law enforcement confirmed the flyer was found at a Jewish house of worship and at several residences in the Plainview, NY area.

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Founded in 1896, the Jewish War Veterans (JWV) is the premier voice for Jewish uniformed service members and veterans in the United States. The JWV affirms that Jewish men and women serve honorably and heroically in the military forces of the United States of America during peacetime and war. The JWV defends the rights and benefits of all service members and veterans, fights antisemitism, and supports the State of Israel.