JWV Aids Members with Relief Funds After Hurricane Ian

By Larry Jasper, National Editor

Thanks to the JWV Disaster Relief Fund, members affected by Hurricane Ian in September were able to get money within days to help with the cleanup.
Hurricane Ian made landfall as a Category 4 storm near Fort Myers, Florida on September 28. It was the deadliest storm to hit Florida since 1935.

All JWV members in the area were okay, but some of their homes were not so lucky.
“All Post 400 members were impacted by this storm. Most were fortunate in that they were able to get back to some degree of normalcy within a few weeks. There are two members, two Patrons, and one member’s widow who were not that fortunate, as their homes were nearly destroyed by Ian,” said Commander of Post 400 Harvey Charter.
As soon as the hurricane left the area, the JWV Disaster Relief Program swung into action to bring some much-needed help to the JWV members.
“Working with the National Commander and National Executive Director, we were able to move quickly and meaningfully in the wake of Hurricane Ian,” said JWV Emergency Relief Fund Chairman Donald Schenk. “The role of the JWV Disaster Relief Program is to help our members when catastrophe strikes.  We are grateful that we can help in times when resources are limited, and despair is high.”

Schenk’s committee allocated funds to the two members and one widow. Patrons of the organization are unable to receive funds from the program but Post 400 stepped in with financial help in those two cases.

Disaster relief in cases like this comes from many places, but few are as quick to act as JWV.
All of those assisted were grateful for the care, concern, and quick action from JWV as they try to rebuild their lives.
Here are some letters we received from the families helped by the fund.

Dear Harvey and Jewish War Veterans of the USA,
From the bottom of my heart, I like to thank you for your generous gift; contribution towards rebuilding my home.
I never thought that at this stage of life, I’ll be rebuilding and restoring my home without the love of my life.
Your gift will certainly help me with the numerous expenses I am faced with.
Thanks again,
Judith Satin

To the Jewish War Veterans of America and Post #400 Commander Harvey Charter,
My wife and I would like to thank you for the generous contribution that your organization made to us to help in the recovery from Hurricane Ian.
At times like the present we feel so lucky to be part of a community and an organization that gives support to those in need.
We are humble being a recipient of your contribution.
Kind regards,
Isaac & Sue Osin

Dear Jewish War Veterans,
Thank you very much for your very generous Hurricane Ian Assistance Check for me.
It will be very helpful due to the very strong impact of this very powerful Hurricane impact on my house. I will put your very kind assistance to good use as I had a lot of damage that needs fixed. My insurance will not cover all of my damage to my house. It really makes me feel good to know that I belong to such a caring organization that helps Jewish Veterans in need.
Thank you again.
All the Best.
Dennis Simon

This is the first time the relief fund has handed out money after a disaster since a wildfire in California in September of 2020.
For more information on this program, visit our website at https://www.jwv.org/veteran-resources/disaster-relief/.

Volume 76. Number 4. 2022