A New Place for Memories

By Mike Rugel, NMAJMH Director of Programs and Content

An area full of dirt and weeds is now a place to sit and reflect. The National Museum of American Jewish Military History (NMAJMH) spent several years discussing the idea of a Memorial Garden outside the front of our building on 18th and R Streets in Washington, D.C. The NMAJMH Board of Directors voted to go ahead with a landscaping plan in August of 2021. By October, the first phase of the work was complete.

The goal of the garden is to provide a place to memorialize and honor those who have served and sacrificed for our country, as well as enhance the building’s curb appeal. It will also provide fundraising opportunities for the museum.

The initial work was completed so quickly thanks to a generous donation from the Department of New York and several other sponsors.
The Remembrance Walk of engraved pavers, which leads to the doors of the building is nearly full. The pavers are filled with inscriptions paying tribute to veterans and those killed in the line of duty. The Memorial Garden provides an opportunity to continue the engraved paver program in a new space next to the walkway. Pavers will lead from the sidewalk to two benches in the garden. We look forward to seeing new messages in the garden honoring and memorializing loved ones.

We’re also planning to install an eternal light and plaque on the main stone in the garden.

There are several sponsorship opportunities still available in the garden.

  • Garden Plaque – $7,500
  • Flagstone – $5,000
  • Trees – $2,500
  • Engraved Pavers –
    • 4×8 – $250
    • 8×8 – $500

If you are interested, contact Michael Rugel at mrugel@nmajmh.org or (202) 265-6280.

Volume 76. Number 4. 2022