By Stan Levinson, Post 172 Commander

Sarasota/Manatee Post 172 held its annual JROTC Awards Banquet was held on Sunday, February 19, 2017. It was a huge success.

Each year, Post 172 plans one of its monthly meetings as an Awards Banquet, where we award medals to four high school cadets, who have been nominated by their respective JROTC department. This award is based on the Cadet’s ability to excel in patriotism, National pride, excellence in academics, and standing up for what is morally right. This year’s recipients came from four of the local high school’s JROTC Departments.

Each Cadet was presented an Americanism/Patriot medal and ribbon. The Cadets will receive, at his/her school’s Award Ceremony, a Certificate from JWV acknowledging the Award. This Certificate is signed by the National Jewish War Veterans Commander, Col. Mark Singer, and then counter-signed by the Senior Army Instructor of the student’s JROTC Department.

Post 172 is highly supportive of this JROTC Awards Program, as it provides the students with a great curriculum, as well as instilling discipline, a solid direction in life, originality, and an awareness of other people’s existence.

The Jewish War Veterans organization is the oldest active Veterans organization in the United States. The local chapter meets the third Sunday of the months October through April, though this year’s April meeting had to be cancelled, due to the Passover observance at Kobernick House.

For further information about the activities of Post 172, please contact Stan Levinson at

Volume 71. Number 2. Summer 2017

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