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A Lay Leader’s Journey Into The Jewish Faith

Lance Allen Wang, Assoc. Editor I remember it clear as day. Our Jewish lay leader at Victory Base in Baghdad was redeploying, and she asked the 10-12 of us, located in a small room off to the side of a plywood Chapel surrounded by blast walls, furnished with a few folding chairs and a small […]

The Lost Airman

By Seth Meyerowitz with Peter F. Stevens Book review by Sheldon A. Goldberg, Ph.D. Docent/Historian, NMAJMH One of the greatest fears of airmen during World War II – especially Jewish airmen – was to be shot down and captured by the Nazis.  Allied airmen, regardless of their religion, were labeled terrorflieger – terrorist airmen – […]

Check Presentation to the Veterans Administration Healthcare System, Brockton Campus

By Jeffrey R. Weitzenkorn Commander, Post 735 MA On January 30, 2017, representatives of Sharon Post 735 presented a check in the amount of $1,600 to Richard Leeman, Assistant Chief of Voluntary Service, and Lana Otis, Voluntary Services Program Manager, at the Brockton Campus of the Veterans Administration Boston Healthcare System.  The Post raised these […]

A New Anti-Semitism

By Jordana Green Regardless of political leanings, the rise of anti-Semitism on a national level is a concerning and bipartisan issue. In a viral Facebook post written on February 4th, a New York City subway rider recounted how he and his fellow passengers worked together to erase Nazi symbols scrawled across the subway car using […]

Send Bullets, not Men. Oh, and Robots… Send Robots

Lance Allen Wang, Assoc. Editor In one of the classic books on the evolution of American warfare, historian Russell Weigley described how conventional American warfare developed into a strategy of “send bullets, not men.”   Indeed, it is a fundamental truism of American warfare that there is a trade-off between large numbers of American casualties and […]