Stanley Samberg, A Forgotten Veteran

Once forgotten, the Department of New York is making sure no one will ever again forget a Jewish veteran who gave his life in World War II. Department Commander Gary Glick received an email from Barbara Silberman, who found a grave in disrepair at the Wellwood Cemetery.

Silberman said bushes and weeds had overtaken the gravestone, which she noticed while visited the graves of her parents.

The grave belonged to Stanley Samberg, a 19-year-old veteran who died on December 17, 1944. In her email, Silberman wrote, “having given his life for our country, he deserves our respect, and something should be done.”

Glick told Silberman he would see what could be done, and went to the cemetery to see the site, and take some pictures.

Glick contacted the cemetery to make sure they would clean up the bushes, weeds, and other debris. When he went back to see the site, he placed a JWV marker and flag on the grave.

Glick says he hopes to have the cemetery clean the stone, and wants them to consider taking similar actions for other veterans who no longer have family and friends to take care of the site.

Volume 77. Number 1. 2023