Original “Rosie the Riveter” Ethel Margolin throws Independence Day pitch

By Earl Roth, Post 603

San Fernando Valley JWV Post 603 member and 101-year-old WWII WAC Ethel Margolin prepares to throw out the first pitch on July 4th at Dodger Stadium.

Originally a “Rosie the Riveter,” Ethel joined the US Army after being refused entry to the US Marines, US Air Force, and US Navy. Her IQ scores were off the charts, and she was one of five women across the country specially assigned to Air Transport Command, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio for two years to work on special classified projects. She was recently featured in a documentary by Gary Sinise about WWII Vets.

A long time NY Yankee fan, Ethel saw Babe Ruth’s farewell speech and later enjoyed watching the lanky center fielder named “Joltin” Joe Dimaggio.
Dodger Bobby Miller caught Ethel’s strike and the crowd roared with excitement.

Volume 77. Number 3. 2023