Maury Schermann Honored by Dallas Post 256 and Local Frequented Original Pancake House

By Steve Krant, Post 256 Commander

Maury Schermann, a 95-year old Army Air Corps veteran of World War II and a long-time member of Dallas Post 256, was honored in a surprise ceremony at his favorite location of the Original Pancake House restaurant chain on Veteran’s Day weekend. Mark Davis Bailey, co-owner of the eight-location DFW group, presented Maury with a Stars & Stripes-themed quilt hand-crafted by his mother Betty.

Maury & Betty

“Mr. Schermann has been more of a blessing to [our] team and guests than we could ever be to him. He won’t even let us buy his meal,” said Bailey. “His upbeat outlook, friendly personality and determination to keep serving inspires us all.” Bailey noted that over 12+ years as an OPH regular, Schermann has raised a great deal of money to help provide aid to American veterans. He is estimated to have raised about $100,000 in support of JWV’s efforts benefitting local hospitalized and homeless veterans. The money used goes to benefits for veterans like holiday visits and gift bags, special occasion meal events, and VA facility upgrades such as recreation and therapy room equipment.

Schermann’s devotion to all things “veteran” and his warm personality have endeared him to customers of the Original Pancake House, as well as to the management team. He’s become an honorary member of the Bailey family, and regular patrons of the establishment often ask about Maury if he’s not seated at his customary table near the entrance, generally with a JWV donation bucket close by.