JWV’s 124th Annual National Convention ▪ August 18-23, 2019 ▪ Richmond, VA

Convention Schedule

Sunday, August 18th

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
 Convention Rules Committee
 Convention Committee
 Budget Committee
 Personnel Committee
 Finance Committee
 Museum Program

Monday, August 19th

 National Executive Committee
 JWV/JWVA Joint Convention Opening
 Resolutions Committee
 Credentialing Committee
Business Session

Tuesday, August 20th

Leadership Workshop
Website Social Media Training
JWV Foundation – Jewish Warrior
Women in the Military Committee
Vietnam Veterans Committee
Q&A Session with Secretary Hopkins, State of VA Veterans & Defense Affairs
Membership Committee

Wednesday, August 21st

Resolutions Committee
Post 9/11 Veterans Committee
Gulf War Veterans Committee
Awards Committee
Youth Achievement Awards
Korean War Veterans Committee
Scouting / JROTC Committee
Becoming A Veteran Service Officer
Business Session & 1st Nomination
Joint Session – Where Do We See JWV/JWVA in Five Years

Thursday, August 22nd

Joint Session – Fundraising
Business Session
 Museum Board of Directors
 Election of National Commander


NMAJMH Event (TBD) – Sunday August 18th
Evening Activity (TBD) – Monday, August 19th
JWVA National President’s Reception & Banquet – Tuesday, August 20th
Vietnam Veterans Committee Dinner – Wednesday, August 21st
JWVA Pound Auction – Wednesday, August 21st
National Commander’s Reception & Banquet – Thursday, August 22nd