Veterans Day – Post 757

Veterans Day, November 11, began as a perfect fall morning. A light breeze unfurled the stars and stripes just above the Texas and Israeli flags on the three flagpoles at the Jewish Community Center in Austin, Texas.

The Color Guard, Commander, Chaplain, and guests of Post 757 gathered in person for the first time, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Color Guard was anchored by announcer Mike London, Bugler Gregg Philipson, Flag Holders/Raisers Alana Pompa and Bob Kaplan, and Rifleman Chuck Mandlebaum. Rabbi Dan Millner delivered the blessing, and Commander Charlie Rosenblum offered the closing remarks.

It was heart-warming to see a class of very young children of the Austin Jewish Academy, all sitting quietly, taking it all in behind their masks.
Commander Rosenblum thanked all those attending, including the JCC team who helped to make the event happen.

Volume 74. Number 4. 2020