By CDT Jacob Widman

Jewish Warrior Weekend was hosted this semester by Texas A&M University in College Station. This semester, 53 cadets and midshipmen were able to participate in this wonderful event. Events that they were able to participate in include: learning the basics of how to be a lay leader, listen to speeches by high ranking officers on being Jewish in the Armed Forces in this day and age, meet other future officers in the military, and speaking to Chaplains on tips and tricks of being Jewish in the Armed Forces.

The Jewish Warrior Weekend Program is weekend retreat once every college semester for cadets and midshipmen from across the country and colleges to meet other Jewish future service members and learn about various things specific to being Jewish leaders in the United States Armed Forces. It was first formed as a way for Jewish cadets and midshipmen from the military academies to meet each other. The program later grew to include Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets, culminating this year to include most of the Service Academies, many of the Senior Military Colleges, and some ROTC programs.

This event allows Jewish future service members to meet each other and develop a network, as well as learn from those already in the service tips and tricks to being Jewish and being a Jewish leader in the military. Many have already graduated from this program, and are providing more information for future participants. The community grown and developed at Jewish Warrior Weekend has lasted for many years, and will continue to do so in the future. Some prominent guest speakers that the cadets were able to learn from include RDML Harold Robinson, CAPT Dan Goldenberg, and Past TALO Commander Dr. Barry Schneider.

JWW Spring 2018 was generously sponsored by the Jewish War Veterans, the Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets, Texas A&M University Hillel, Texas A&M Chabad, Jewish Welfare Board, United States Military Academy Jewish Chapel, United States Naval Academy Jewish Chapel and the United States Air Force Academy Jewish Chapel.

Next semester, Jewish Warrior Weekend will be hosted at the United States Naval Academy on Veterans Day Weekend.

Volume 72. Number 1. Spring 2018

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