Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Post Awards

Ben Kaufman Award

This award is awarded to the Post doing the most for hospitalized veterans during the year. To be eligible, a statement showing the activities in connection with veterans’ hospitalization and veterans’ hospitals in which the Post has participated should be submitted by a Commander of any echelon or any appropriate committee. The number of members in the Post must be included in your submission. For the elements to be contained in the entry see #1-Feureisen Award. All Post entries must have a cover page with the following:

  • Total Post membership;
  • Total number of visits;
  • Total hours;
  • Total number of patients served;
  • Total amount of money spent on visits reported within; and
  • List of any items presented.

National Headquarter Awards

The Post having the most outstanding record on community relations is the recipient of this award.

To be eligible, entries should be submitted by Commander of any echelon or appropriate committees outlining the extent of the community relations program, with supporting evidence, where available. For criteria to be used in entry, see- Wolfson Award

Outstanding Record of Service to State Soldier Homes/Veteran Memorial Homes

Awarded to the Post which has the most outstanding accomplishments and achievements in servicing State Soldier Homes or State Veteran Memorial Homes.

To be eligible, the Post Commander or Committee Chair should describe in full detail the program. The statement should include:

  • Post Commander’s and Post Hospital chairperson’s names;
  • Annual overall number of patients serviced;
  • Description of programs (i.e. bingo, movies, or other events);
  • Number of Post members and volunteers involved in administering programs;
  • Newspaper publicity, direct mail and other evidence of program.

National Commander’s Award

This award is presented to the Post which has performed outstanding service in any general or specific endeavor above and beyond the line of duty.

To be eligible, the Commander of any echelon or appropriate committees should submit a statement describing the endeavor in full detail. As follows:

  • All persons involved;
  • Any evidence showing extend of effort;
  • Newspaper publicizing, radio or TV announcements, direct mailing promotions, etc.,

Brotherhood Award

This award is to be given to the Post which, during the previous year, has contributed the most to fostering the concept of Brotherhood.

To be eligible, entries should consist of statements submitted by Post Commander or Chairman of an appropriate committee, outlining the extent of the post’s Brotherhood Program, with supporting evidence, where available. The entry should show:

  • Kinds of Brotherhood Programs;
  • Number of people involved;
  • Newspaper publicity, direct mail promotions, etc; and
  • Testimonial letter from public officials, other organizations, etc.

Scouting Certificate of Appreciation

JWV will present Certificates of Appreciation to the echelons sponsoring Scouting troops, Cub Scout packs, Explorer units, etc. To receive these, you must return your Scouting questionnaire by July 17, 2015, to: Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A., National Headquarters 1811 R Street, NW Washington, DC 20009. Attention: National Scouting Chairman. (SEE INSTRUCTIONS FOR Joseph Demiany AWARD.)

Post Membership Increase Awards

Certificates are awarded to the Posts showing greatest numerical increases. In order to determine the winners, we are setting up four (4) groups according to the size of Posts:

GROUP 1 – 4-49 members

GROUP 2 – 50–99 members

GROUP 3 – 100–149 members

GROUP 4 –150 members and up

For additional information on this award, please see instructions for the Award below.

Isadore Heiman – Al Berger

The entry should contain the same information as itemized in the Blood Donor Program Award except that the information submitted should pertain to a Post, instead of a Department. This award is to the Post doing the most outstanding blood work for the year.

2Brenner – Jaffee Memorial Award

Awarded to the Post with the most outstanding newsletter/bulletin. All Posts are eligible for this award and must submit to National Headquarters, one copy of each issue for the entire year of their Post’s publication from September of the previous year to the present. Eligibility will be based on, among other factors, the inclusion of National, Department, County, and Post functions, events, activities, and notices in the publication.

Outstanding Post Website Award

This award shall be presented to the post with the most outstanding website. All posts are eligible for this award and must submit their web address to JWV National Headquarters to be linked to the National website. No binder submission is required to be eligible for this award. Judging will take place in the weeks prior to the National Convention. The winner will be chosen by the IT Committee based on the following criteria:

JROTC Certificates of Appreciation

Certificates will be provided to those posts that are active in JWV’s JROTC program. To receive a certificate, you must return your completed 2015 JROTC Survey to National Headquarters by July 17, 2015. The survey is included in this packet.