JWV Sar-El/Volunteers for Israel (VFI) Mission

(Optional Mission – help support the Israeli Defense Forces)

April 16-19, 2023

Sar-El: A Hebrew acronym meaning “Service for Israel.”

Sar-El was organized in 1982 as an Israeli based National Project for Volunteers for the State of Israel. Throughout the years over 3,500 Sar-El Volunteers arrive in Israel annually to volunteer their service.

Many United States Veterans dream of the opportunity to help serve and support the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Here is your chance to join the Jewish War Veterans of the USA and combine two (2) missions into one (1) journey. JWV is teaming with Sar-El/Volunteers for Israel (VFI) and offering an Optional Mission to our JWV Allied Mission to Israel travelers. Arrive in Israel early and volunteer by working on an Israeli Military Support Base.

You do not have to be Jewish or a Veteran to join us on the JWV Sar-El/VFI Mission.

JWV National Commander (2022-2023) Nelson Mellitz, and JWV NJ Post 126 Mike Perloff (Served Sar-El: October/November 2018)

JWV National Vice Commander (2022-2023) Barry Lischinsky (Served Sar-El: March 10-28, 2019)

JWV National Commander (2019-2020) Harvey Weiner and his Sar-El/VFI Team Members.


When is the JWV Sar-El/Volunteers for Israel (VFI) Mission?

The JWV Sar-EL/VFI mission takes place April 16-19, 2023. This is one week before JWV’s Allied Mission to Israel.

Who can participate in the JWV Sar-El/VFI Mission?

Anyone going on the Allied Mission to Israel can participate on the optional JWV Sar-El/VFI Mission. You don’t have to be a veteran or Jewish to volunteer with Sar-El, but you will need a doctor’s medical approval  that you are healthy enough to be a volunteer.

What do I have to do to register for the JWV Sar-El/VFI Mission?

You must first register and pay the first deposit to JWV’s Allied Mission.  After you have registered for this, you must then apply to Sar-EL and VFI.

You will need to fill out two application forms:

Additional costs for the optional JWV Sar-El/Volunteers for Israel (VFI) Mission:

  • Air travel cost: $350.00 extra to depart USA on Saturday, August 15, 2023.
  • Transportation:  Sar El will provide free transportation from the airport to the Sar El base.  On April 19, you will need to provide your own transportation from the base to the hotel to meet up the next day with the Allied Mission group. You can take a cab or uber.
  • Lodging for one evening: The JWV Sar-El/VFI Mission  ends one day before the JWV Allied Veteran Mission begins and so you will need lodging for the evening of Thursday, April 19.
  •  Hotel Fee (Double Occupancy) – $125.00 per person    /   Hotel Fee Single Supplement -$210.00
  • Travel insurance:  There is an additional $95.00 charge to extend the travel insurance to cover the Sar-EL portion of this trip. The chart below provides the additional cost of insurance which includes changes to flight dates, additional insurance to include JWV Sar-El/VFI Mission, and for any airline seat upgrades.