Post Office to Be Named After Jewish Hero Peter Taub

By Ben Kane, Programs Assistant

After a servicemember dies, their families grieve and celebrate the life of their loved one in a variety of ways. Some choose not to publicize their grief, but some choose to go in the opposite direction. One of the ways that fallen servicemembers have been remembered is by the naming of buildings after them. Staff Sergeant Peter Taub is one such fallen servicemember to be given such posthumous recognition. SSgt Taub was killed by a suicide bomber while on tour in Afghanistan in December 2015. Here in the states, in the town of Wyncote, Pennsylvania, a way to remember him and celebrate his life has been made official. A post office has been officially slated to be renamed the “Staff Sergeant Peter Taub Post Office Building.”

The bill to authorize the renaming was put through the House of Representatives by Congressman Brendan Boyle (PA-13). “Staff Sergeant Peter Taub was a shining example of the best our country has to offer. In his service to our nation, he exemplified unwavering patriotism and heroic bravery. Renaming this post office in his home town is the least we can do to honor him; a small but important symbol of our eternal thanks,” Boyle said. SSgt Taub has received several posthumous medals, such as the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Air Force Commendation Medal, and the Air Force Combat Action Medal.

Taub, married and with a second child on the way, planned to help run the family business- a beloved sandwich shop in downtown Washington D.C. called Bub and Pop’s, once he had returned from active duty. Sadly, Taub’s plans of a complete family and working in a place he loved were to be unfulfilled, and his family devastated by death. Eventually, time will help mend the wounds his loved ones have suffered. But until then, and long after, a small part of SSgt Taub’s legacy will exist for generations to come.

Volume 72. Number 2. Summer 2018

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