About the Committee:

As our longest running committee, the JWV Vietnam Veterans Leadership Committee are seasoned leaders within JWV.  Some of its members have been National Officers and even National Commanders!  They meet regularly to talk about the direction of the organization, and they even plan our Veterans Night Out during Convention.


  • Creating a plan of “where we see JWV in the next 10 years”
  • Creating legislative priorities for JWV to advocate for during the year
  • Plan the “Veterans Night Out” for Convention

2018 Legislative Priorities:

Taking Care of Our Blue Water Navy Veterans: Our veterans that have served in Vietnam suffer at higher rates from deadly diseases and other chronic health conditions associated with their exposure to Agent Orange.  However, sailors that served on ships during Vietnam are not entitled to the same benefits as those who put their “boots on ground”.  JWV took up this issue when Past National Commander Jerry Blum, a Blue Water Navy Veteran himself, made taking care of our Blue Water Navy Veterans a JWV Legislative Priority.  In 2017, JWV and 7 other organizations signed on to a letter to Secretary Shulkin demanding that Blue Water Navy Veterans receive the same benefits as their other brother and sisters in Vietnam.  We are also actively campaining for the passage of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act (H.R. 299), which was introduced in the House in 2017.