About the Committee:

This committee was started because the membership in JWV is aging, which is why JWV is ready to hand over the reins to the next generation.  We have a really exciting opportunity that the organization has given us by allowing us to take leadership roles and shape the organization into something meaningful for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.  We want to be the place for any Jewish person that has put on a uniform.


  • Create and support programs for Jewish service members on active duty.
  • Create and support programs for Jewish spouses of service members.
  • Create programs to mentor young Jewish soldiers and veterans in need of guidance.
  • Revamp Post meetings to fun and engaging events that Iraq and Afghanistan veterans want to participate in.

2018 Legislative Priorities:

Naming the First U.S. Base in Israel After a Jewish Veteran:  In 2017, it was announced that the U.S. had started construction on a U.S. Army Base that would be co-located on Israeli Air Base Mashabim.  JWV is currently spearheading a campaign to get the base named after SPC Daniel Agami, and we are encouraging a memorial to all of the 57 Jewish fallen heroes of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

Meet Our Committee Chairman!

Marc Wolf comes to us after spending time in the Navy as an Intelligence Officer who worked with the Navy Seals.  When he got out, he started working in the civilian sector as a non-profit leader.  He has worked in many Jewish organizations, and he currently works at the Navy Seal Foundation as their Director of Development for the Northeast Region.  We are very excited to have Marc on the team, and we know he will do great things!