JWV to Hold First Ever Hybrid National Convention

By Cara Rinkoff, Programs and Public Relations Director

For the first time in its history, the Jewish War Veterans is taking advantage of technology to provide members with a unique way to attend National Convention. This summer, members will be able to get almost a complete convention experience without hopping on a plane.

While we would love to see all of you in Savannah this August, we understand not everyone can travel there and spend a full week with us.

JWV plans to use Zoom to allow members to participate from their homes in nearly all meetings and other sessions scheduled for the 127th convention in Savannah, Georgia.

“The hybrid option provides an opportunity for many of our members to view the many meetings held during our national conventions,” National Commander Alan Paley said. “Those that were previously not able to attend (for a variety of reasons), can now participate at arm’s length and see firsthand our national officers, and how the organization functions.”

This will be different than the live streams made available in the past. Registrants will be able to participate fully in the meetings and sessions. We will allow voting online, as well as opportunities to speak – the same as those who attend in person.

At the National Executive Committee meeting in January, the Convention Committee decided to charge a fee of $54.00 in addition to the $50.00 convention registration fee for those who want to attend the online portion of the convention.

If you want to participate in this hybrid convention from the comfort of your home, you will only be allowed to register online at www.jwv.org.

If you plan to join us in person August 7-12, you can download the registration form from our website, or mail in the form on page 11 of this edition of The Jewish Veteran.

Volume 76. Number 1. 2022