JWV Michigan Visits Veterans at Battle Creek on Christmas Day

By Art Fishman, Department Commander of Michigan

It was a chilly, winter morning when 18 comrades of JWV Michigan assembled at 7:30 AM for our rented bus trip to the Battle Creek Veterans hospital.  The purpose of this trip is to bring a care package with fruit, candy and warm white socks during the holiday. We distribute them to all who are there.  This trip was the 72nd annual trip for the JWV Department of Michigan to the Battle Creek VA.

The Battle Creek VAMC is the hub of mental health care for VA Medical Centers in the lower peninsula of Michigan, and it offers a wide variety of health care services, which includes both inpatient and outpatient care.

After we had lunch and time to visit with veterans at hospital who do not go home for the holiday or have no home to go to, we played BINGO with them. This year, there were about 170 veterans at Battle Creek Hospital.  The prizes we gave out were either donated to JWV or purchased to be given as prizes for winning Bingo games. It was our JWVers job to make sure that no veteran left without prizes that included Sweat shirts, Athletic printed T-shirts, shorts and athletic pants. As the game progressed, choice of prizes went from one gifts to two to the winner and the last game given the the choice of three items as his prize. The rest were donated to hospital for them to use as needed.

Senior Vice Commander Art Fishman with Ted Gittleman 135 Commander handled the arrangements for the day long trip and Jodi Barnes, VA Hospital Staff Director at Battle Creek, coordinated our visit to the hospital.  Snoozing was allowed on our trip back because we went through the worst snow storm of the year, so far.  We all arrived home with no incident though.

Volume 72. Number 1. Spring 2018

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