He represents the “Greatest Generation”

By PNC COL (ret) Carl Singer

I wanted to briefly tell you about Alvin Sussman.  I’m humble and proud to call Alvin my friend – to me he represents the “Greatest Generation.”  Alvin is a World War II combat veteran who, like many, came home from the war and then helped build this great nation.

2016:  Alvin and I met over lunch – he has quite a story to tell.  Alvin is a sharp dresser, soft spoken, articulate.  He doesn’t like to talk about himself, but I learned that Alvin was a most successful entertainment executive.  He headed Group W Productions at Westinghouse.  Among his many credits are two popular variety shows, “The Merv Griffin Show” and “The Mike Douglas Show.”  And I learned more.

1944:  The Battle of the Bulge.  Alvin was a young rifleman with G Company, 424 Regiment, 106th Infantry Division — he survived the frozen Ardennes Forest and the German attack that intelligence said would not happen.  He has vivid memories and paints a gripping, first hand picture of that historic time – 41 days in hell.

2010:  One more thing about Alvin – he is driven.  He works hard to get what he wants.  Alvin wanted a monument to commemorate the Battle of the Bulge.  Many thought it was a pipe dream – not Alvin.  He persisted and raised over $15,000.  He worked with the mayor and city council of his town and they donated park land for this monument.

Here’s a picture.  Alvin, job well done!

Volume 72. Number 2. Summer 2018