Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

You Can Force Mandatory Funding Enactment

Post Convention 2004

“After many a summer dies the swan.” (Aldous Huxley)


     This has been an electoral summer with the veteran being unabashedly used by both political parties. Yet, it is an opportune time to prepare for a veteran counterattack on the issue of mandatory funding of veteran health care for all veterans. It can succeed if the now beloved voting veterans make it happen by pursuing the passage, enactment and implementation of veteran rights at the Congressional session that will be held between September 9th and Election Day.

     The veteran voter, wearing his or her “silly” cap, has gained the greatness of star power as a very popular voting bloc to both parties. Veterans, in the past, were used as display dummies consigned to an assigned place on a platform or to an audience wearing their caps to show that the candidates were popular with the veteran community and to the veteran organizations. They are still being used in the same way by public officials who make them think that they are a focus group with a voice and no vote.

     The new theme entails one of daily political use of a veteran. Now veterans are glorified everywhere, appearing all over the place, and have become a vital factor in the present electoral campaign. Veterans are there when the candidate shows up. Veterans are there as the candidate drives through the community; veterans are there in the audience and behind the candidate when he or she speaks. And, veterans are there when the candidate extols our service and makes promises, without questions, of the many benefits they will enact to protect the veteran. Most are repeat promises from the last election which were never enacted. The votes for passage have consistently been submarined in committees or on the floor of the Congress. So, there we are with health care in the middle of committee turf conflicts and the doling out of appropriations based on political considerations and pork barrel projects.

     Now, for the first time, 25 million veteran voters have been made into the most useable and one of the better voting blocs available to the politicians. Veterans have become a political football, and the thrower must now be required to insure that veterans will get a real share in the fruits of the victory. It won’t happen if the veteran doesn’t pressure for it now.

     So can you really believe they love America’s veterans? They speak with great vigor on the need to protect veterans’ health care. They politically sterilize the issues by speaking in favor of veteran rights, and yet they won’t vote to release the Lane Evans bill or any other mandatory funding bill from committees for a vote on the floor of the Congress…its passage would require them to keep their word.

     If you can think back, they quickly gave what amounts to mandatory funding to the Savings and Loan banks and appear to be in a rush to give a similar type of mandatory funding to the airline industry. They use your tax dollars to mandatorily fund their benefactors by bailing them out of pension obligations and other debts. That being so, then, the veteran must REQUIRE them to keep their word and provide mandatory funding for veteran health care—the nation’s obligation to the veteran and the nation’s promise of health care when he/she entered service in defense of this Nation.

     Realize that when the Congress and the White House decide that some issue requires immediate action for themselves or to quiet some contributing constituent, all of a sudden it will either come as a new bill or as an amendment to a different bill which they may be voting on at the time no matter what the subject matter may be. The political key to the process is immediate passage. Protection for your health and your life requires the use of the same sort of POLITICAL PRESSURE.

     There will now be a short session of Congress called for between September 9, 2004, and the election. Ignore the excuses they will give you. THEY CAN PASS MANDATORY FUNDING OF VETERAN HEALTH CARE…NOW.

     Since they have made us part of the power structure, veterans and their families can do this now by regularly telephoning their Congress people—e-mail or write them a letter; write letters to the editors of your local papers—stir the pot vigorously.

Understand that you, the veteran, lose

            (1) If you don’t call now and get a positive commitment.

            (2) If you don’t ask questions of them at their personal appearances

            (3) If you don’t ask questions of them at any debates

            (4) If you don’t assert your rights as veterans

            (5) If you don’t demand immediate passage of mandatory funding now

So, NOW, call to the candidates’ headquarters, the local district office of your Congress person or to their office in Washington, DC.

            HOUSE                       1-202-225-3121

            SENATE                     1-202-224-3121

            WHITE HOUSE          1-202-456-1111




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