Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Supports Reorganization of U.S. Intelligence Services

Summer 2004

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) supports vast changes in the restructuring of the U.S. intelligence services. At this time of heightened threat to the U.S. homeland, our country must have the strongest intelligence capability to protect the safety of our citizens. No compromise in shared intelligence data can be tolerated in protecting the lives of Americans. Turf and ego have no place in America's security. As the recently released report of the Senate Intelligence Committee clearly shows, the American intelligence network has failed the United States badly and is in immediate need of reform. Any failure to fix this failing system causes grave jeopardy to the safety of the American people. The JWV supports the full reorganization of U.S. intelligence capabilities by creating resources targeted against a specific threat, such as terrorism or weapons of mass destruction. By drawing on experts from various branches of the intelligence community to focus on a specific threat area, the United States can bring to bear on a target the collective wisdom of the experts on that particular area. By joining these experts together, it will be much easier to "connect the dots" and it is hoped prevent future 9/11's. Funneling the intelligence into proper channels such as a part of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the transformation process is one avenue to accomplish this. Organizing the intelligence community along the lines of particular subject groups will be especially valuable in preventing future turf occurrences of "group-think" that have prevented the CIA in the past from being able to present accurate analyses of threat levels. It is time for those charged with intelligence gathering responsibilities to be coordinated together for the common good and put aside interagency rivalries. Assuring the safety of all of our citizens is the primary responsibility of our government intelligence agencies. Their current organization does not allow for the adequate protection of the U.S. homeland. The JWV demands change before we are faced once again with the devastation of an attack by those who are enemies of the freedom for which we stand. We have learned the result of failure. Repeating stupidity is not the road to success and security.


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