Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV National Commander Rosenshein in Jerusalem Refutes News Accounts of Rioting at the Temple Mount

Winter 2006

National Commander Norman Rosenshein of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) was in Jerusalem on Sunday, February 11, attending the International Assembly of Jewish War Veterans and the Allied Veterans Mission to Israel. This was during the entire period of time during which various news media were reporting rioting and conflict in the area of the Western Wall, near the Temple Mount. An account from the Associated Press proclaimed "Jerusalem Mayor Tries to Calm Muslim Ire." National Commander Rosenshein reports that the news media greatly exaggerated the situation and that everything was blown out of proportion. In fact, that particular area in Jerusalem was "perfectly safe," according to NC Rosenshein who was himself in Jerusalem at noon on Sunday, Feb. 11, praying at the Western Wall as were the other JWV participants. NC Rosenshein was in Jerusalem all day on Sunday and reports that the disturbances amounted to nothing but a lot of noise. NC Rosenshein never saw any demonstrations during his extensive stay in the area. Once again 40 protesters have been turned into thousands by the media—falsity always plays better than the truth.


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