Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Calls for Continued Investigation into Mortuary Issues at Dover Air Force Base Mortuary

November 2011

Washington, DC - The Jewish War Veterans of the USA is deeply troubled by the mishandling of the remains of US war dead at the Dover Air Force Base mortuary.

These incidents included the dumping of cremated fragments and body parts in a landfill; as well as, sawing off the arm of a deceased Marine during preparations for viewing without the family's permission.

The men and women who die in service to our country deserve to be handled with the utmost dignity and respect. Furthermore, Jewish law requires the body to be buried in whole or part so that recognition can be given to the survivors. It concerns us that Jewish war dead might have been treated with such total indifference to their being, their service, and their contribution to our nation.

The families of fallen servicemen and women should be able to feel confident in the knowledge that their loved one's remains are being cared for properly. The actions at Dover violate that sacred trust. JWV USA calls for further investigation into the conduct at Dover and punishment for those involved in overseeing these incidents.


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