The Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. (JWV) is calling on Chancellor Timothy White of San Francisco State University to provide some answers about Facebook posts that violate California Education Code 89005.5.  While JWV is pleased with President Mahoney’s efforts to create a welcoming campus climate for Jewish students, there are still images from AMED Director Rabab Abdulhadi on SFSU’s Facebook page, as well as a post linking readers to a website where they can support Abdulhadi.   JWV is one of 80 organizations calling on Chancellor White and California State University General Counsel Andrew Jones to say whether they feel the posts violate California state law, and how they plan to address the matter.  The letter is posted below in its entirety.

Dear Chancellor White and General Counsel Jones,

Last month our 80 organizations asked SFSU President Mahoney to uphold her university’s obligations under a recent legal settlement by addressing the hate-filled on-line postings of an SFSU academic unit that appears to clearly violate California Education Code  89005.5. (Please see our letter). In subsequent communications that we received from President Mahoney, we were pleased to learn of the university’s recent efforts to create a welcoming campus climate for Jewish students, as well as steps the university’s Senate will soon be taking to review social media policies. However, we remain deeply concerned that an image from AMED Director Abdulhadi stating “Zionism = Racism” and “Boycott! Divest! Sanction!”, as well as the program’s re-posting of Abdulhadi’s statement declaring “welcoming Zionists to campus…to be a declaration of war against Arabs, Muslims, [and] Palestinians,” remain visible on AMED at SFSU’s Facebook page.

So too, now, is a recent AMED at SFSU posting that links readers to the website “” and includes a request for readers to “Support and Donate to our legal fund:,”  which links to a webpage explaining that the money being solicited from readers is to be used to fight “the Israel Lobby” and to pay for Prof. Abdulhadi’s lawsuits against SFSU. Like the other two AMED at SFSU postings, this one, too, apparently violates California law: CA Government Code section 8314 states that it is unlawful for any state employee to use public resources for personal gain.

When we raised our serious concerns about the apparent illegality of the postings with SFSU, the response was that the AMED Facebook page is a private page unaffiliated with the university.  That response is completely insufficient. The official AMED logo and “San Francisco State University” are displayed front and center for all to see. Furthermore, a suggested university disclaimer that the views of the site “are not those of the university” will not address the continued blatant misuse of an SFSU program’s logo and the name of the university. An SFSU academic program should never be allowed to use its departmental logo and the name “San Francisco State University” to disseminate politically-motivated and hate-filled messages. 

It is important to point out that we are not calling for you to shut down the AMED at SFSU Facebook page or to suppress Professor Abdulhadi’s speech as a private individual. Indeed, she is free to engage in whatever forms of speech she likes on her own private social media accounts. However, Professor Abdulhadi and the program she directs continue to use official university channels to disseminate highly offensive materials and to engage in activities that appear to violate at least two California state laws. The longer these illegal, venomous postings bearing the imprimatur of an academic program and the name of “San Francisco State University” are permitted by President Mahoney and your own administration to remain online, and university faculty are allowed to flagrantly misuse the name and resources of the university, the more deeply concerned we become for the safety and well-being of Jewish students, and all students, at SFSU.

Since, to date, SFSU has been unwilling to acknowledge and address this very serious matter, we are turning to you. Do you consider the three AMED at SFSU postings we have cited to be violations of California state law? If so, please let us know how you intend to address this matter. If not, please explain to us why these three postings, which seem to be egregious violations of both the law and the public trust, are not being addressed by your administration.

Thank you for your consideration,

About Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America
Founded in 1896, the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America is the oldest active veterans’ organization in America. JWV is dedicated to upholding America’s democratic traditions and fighting bigotry, prejudice, injustice, and discrimination of all kinds. As a national organization, JWV represents the voice of America’s Jewish veterans on issues related to veterans’ benefits, foreign policy, and national security. JWV also commits itself to the assistance of oppressed Jews worldwide.

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA is delighted to announce that Harvey Weiner was elected National Commander at the 124th Annual National Convention in Richmond, Virginia.

Harvey served as the National Judge Advocate since 2013.  He previously served on the National Executive Committee, as Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Committee and as Vice President of the National Court.  He is the past Commander of the Massachusetts Department and past Post Commander of the Newton-Brookline Post #211.  He is a life member of the JWV, the Vietnam Veterans of America and the Disabled American Veterans.  He is a life member of and General Counsel to the National Museum of American Jewish Military History.

Harvey is a Vietnam War combat veteran, who, as an Army Captain, was an intelligence advisor to the Vietnamese.  His combat experience includes small raids, night ambushes, mortar and rocket attacks, sniper fire and land mines.  He was the recipient of the Bronze Star (M) among other decorations.  After the war, he returned to Ft. Dix, N.J., where he defended 38 courts martial and was a Chief Investigating Officer.

Harvey is a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Accredited Attorney and is admitted to both the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces and the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.  He has been trained and certified as a veterans’ mediator and has assisted in the training of other veterans’ mediators.

Harvey is active in the Jewish community. He is past president of Temple Beth Avodah in Newton and was on its Executive Board for 25 years.  He has been the JWV representative on the Greater Boston Jewish Community Relations Council for 13 years.

Harvey has practiced civil litigation in Boston at Peabody & Arnold for over 47 years.  He is president of the Massachusetts Bar Foundation and past president of the Federal Bar Association (Mass. Chapter), the Boston Inn of Court, and the Massachusetts Municipal Lawyers Association.

Harvey has been married for over 52 years to Linda, who was a Waiting Wife, has two adult children, one granddog and lives in Newton, Massachusetts.

We wish Harvey a successful year!

JWV strongly condemns the mass shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims of these horrific acts of white national terrorism.  For those injured, we pray for quick and complete recoveries.

JWV urges Congress and local and state governments to take action, legislatively and  administratively, to do whatever is necessary to reduce the potential of future acts of this nature.

Dr. Barry J. Schneider, the National Commander of the Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. is expressing our gratitude to the U.S. House of Representatives for unanimously passing H.R. 299, the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019.

The unanimous vote last night will positively impact thousands of lives, and it once again proves that taking care of veterans and their families is a nonpartisan issue, as well as one of the cornerstones of JWV’s founding responsibilities of taking care of servicemembers before, during and after their service. The JWV-supported bill now heads to the Senate. Once signed into law, H.R. 299 will restore VA benefits to thousands of Blue Water Navy Vietnam veterans who had their disability eligibility taken away in 2002 following regulatory changes. It will also require the VA to contact those veterans who had filed claims that were later denied. Those veterans could be eligible for retroactive benefits.

The legislation will also mark a victory for other veterans and their families who suffer from conditions related to toxic exposures. Veterans exposed to Agent Orange while serving along the Korean DMZ will have an earlier start date to encompass the timeframe when various defoliants were tested. The current start date of April 1, 1968, will be backed up seven months to Sept. 1, 1967.

Additionally, benefits will expand to include children born with spina bifida due to a parent’s exposure in Thailand. Coverage for this condition already exists for the children of Vietnam and Korean DMZ veterans. The new law will also require the VA to report on research being conducted on a broad range of conditions possibly related to service in Southwest Asia, which is important for future legislative efforts to create a list of presumptive conditions for veterans seeking VA health care and benefits.

Despite the fact that the Senate failed to pass H.R. 299 in the previous session of Congress, the situation is now one step closer to being rectified with a positive outcome. The Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. does not want to allow this to happen again to any service member of any generation, with any potential exposures and we are urging every veteran, family member and advocate to contact their elected officials to get this bill passed and signed into law as soon as possible.

The Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. strongly condemns the anti-Semitic shooting that occurred at the Chabad of Poway in Southern California over this last Passover weekend. We mourn with the family of Lori Kaye and pray for healing for those who were victims of this senseless attack.  We wish those who were injured a rapid return to health of mind and body. We also give thanks to the first responders whose rapid and effective response helped ensure that the attacker was stopped before more innocent lives were lost.

The United States has become a melting pot, and may it remain as such for many years to come. It should be a place where people from all over the world can come and feel welcomed, appreciated, and can contribute to the betterment of society. Hateful attacks, both through violence and through words, are misguided, disturbing, and wrong. The 37% increase in anti-Semitic crimes against people of this nation is something that we, the Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A., feel is absolutely disgusting. This act should be vehemently opposed by all the Americans, both Jewish and non-Jewish, who raised their hand and signed up to serve this nation for its betterment and defense.

As with all acts of hate, we extend our condolences to the bereaved, and will continue promoting the ideal that all American citizens are just that- American citizens, and are deserving of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness regardless of their faith.

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) strongly condemns the comments and hate-filled language espoused by Alabama 5th District Representative Mo Brooks. On March 25th, 2019, Representative Brooks quoted Adolf Hitler to describe the attacks that President Trump faced from “socialist Democrats and their fake news media allies”. He then proceeded to continue with an English translation of a passage on the strategy of the “big lie of the Jews” from his 1925 book Mein Kampf. These comments were factually incorrect and inappropriate. While all elected leaders as well as private citizens do have the right to make strong and impassioned comments, speeches and addresses about topics of importance, Representative Brooks’ comments deserve scrutiny and are highly inappropriate for any elected leader to use in a public forum.

Representative Brooks espoused the hateful language of a fascist dictator who endorsed and ensured the systematic slaughter of innocent people. The citizens under Hitler’s regime were dehumanized and considered “inferior” by his administration, and this dehumanization was an important step towards the facilitation of mass genocide. The use of Mein Kampf passages in a manner other than for purposes of historical education, especially to deride political opponents, was completely out of line and unacceptable.

We, The Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America, are requesting that Representative Brooks be reprimanded and/or censured for his comments. These comments do not reflect the values of this organization or our nation, nor should they ever.

The Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. (JWV) strongly condemns the anti-Semitic comments, tweets and hate-filled language espoused by Minnesota 5th District Representative Ilhan Omar. We’re angered by the attacks on Jewish elected leaders and organizations, and find that her comments are completely unacceptable for any person assigned to any committee, but most especially the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

In her time as the representative of Minnesota’s 5th District, she has been linked to organizations that have known deep terrorism ties and has been quoted attacking and intimidating people and organizations that are pro-Israel.

We, the Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. are requesting that Representative Omar be removed from her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and be reprimanded for her comments, which do not reflect the values of our organization or our nation.

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) is saddened by the comments recently made by Representative Ilhan Omar.  Her viciously anti-Israel statements amount to nothing less than anti-Semitism.

Further, JWV totally opposes having Rep. Omar on the House Foreign Relations Committee.  JWV demands she be immediately removed from such a vital committee.  Her disruptive statements are an acknowledgement of the fact that she lacks knowledge in the area of foreign affairs.

Representative Omar’s comments should be forcefully condemned by her colleagues in the Congress.  She should be given a committee assignment more in line with her expertise and talents.

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV), mourns the passing of President George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States. While serving as a Naval aviator during World War II, President Bush earned multiple awards including the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal, and the Presidential (Distinguished) Unit Citation.

Following his military service, he entered the political arena, serving in multiple positions including two terms in the House of Representatives, Ambassador to the United Nations, Envoy to China and the Director of Central Intelligence.

Selected by President Ronald Reagan to be his running mate, he became an important part of the fabric of this nation. When the Jewish War Veterans National Headquarters office moved to its current location, then Vice President Bush nailed in the mezuzah on the door, and we have been so thankful for his and his family’s support over the years.

JWV remembers President George H.W. Bush and we thank him for supporting our nation’s service members and veterans. May his memory always be a blessing and our thoughts and prayers are with the Bush family at this difficult time.

The Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. mourns those people that were lost at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh over this last Shabbat Weekend. We also want to specifically mention both Mr. Sylvan Simon and Melvin Wax, two of the victims from the synagogue who both served in the military during the Korean War period. We cannot express our thanks to the courageous law enforcement officers who were wounded while protecting others. We wish all who were injured a complete Refuah Shleimah and a rapid return to health of mind and body.

To the members of Posts 499, 718 and 785, know that the National Organization stands in solidarity with you. We hope and pray for the safety of your members and the entire Jewish Community of Pittsburgh and that senseless acts of violence of this kind cease to occur. May our G-d in Heaven grant peace to the United States of America, Israel and all mankind.

In the coming days we are working on reinforcing our commitment to the safety and security of our Jewish community in Pittsburgh as well as our locations in the U.S. and Worldwide. We were incredibly grateful to hear messages of support from our elected officials at all levels during this period of immense grief.

This deplorable assault on the Jewish community, be it in any city in the United States or the world requires an immediate response, and the Jewish War Veterans stands ready to support fellow Jewish Communities whenever and wherever we can.