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Space Force?

By PNC Carl Singer NEW JERSEY – The United States military must have a well-defined mission and capability in space.  Briefly the military needs to consider both offensive and defensive requirements. Space is the high ground for observation – satellite imagery and sensors provides valuable information. Space is a communications platform – many forms of […]

Joshua Ochs

Post: JWV Post 243 FL Military Service: 1993-2017 Current Residence: Miami, Florida Member Since Year: 2002 When and why did you serve in the military? Back in 1993 I was twenty years old, working full-time as a cashier in a major supermarket while also going to school full-time. When I lost my job, I lost […]

Sons Inspire Father

By Anna Selman, Programs and Public Relations Coordinator The story of Nathan and Bill Krissoff is an amazing story, but it is not the typical generational military story that you are likely to hear.   Nowadays, Jewish service members, like the rest of the United States, tend to serve in “generational military families” – that is […]

From Generation to Generation

By Lance Wang, National Editor A group of tired Infantry Second Lieutenants climbed onto the yellow school buses that were being used for transport them back and forth from their quarters to the field for training.   The year was 1994, and I was at my basic course at Fort Benning, Georgia.   I was a few […]

Supreme Act of Respect Is What Jewish Veterans Do

By Greg Lee, Department Commander of California Every day, people enquire, “what does JWV do?”  The answer varies because there are more than 300 local posts that represent the organization. One of our missions as Jews and Jewish War Veterans is to ensure that every single one of our service members receives a dignified and […]

JWV MA Participates in Rutstein Commemoration

By Barry Lischinsky, JWV Membership Chairman One of our biggest missions at JWV is to remind the Jewish community that Jews do serve in the U.S. Armed Forces and in so doing, we remind the world that Jews have served in the Armed Forces of many nations.  So, with the 100th anniversary of the Armistice […]

JWB Survey to Provide Insight Into Needs of Jews Who Serve

By Marla Cohen, JCC Association NEW YORK CITY – To better understand the needs of Jews in the United States military, Jewish Welfare Board (JWB) Jewish Chaplains Council is surveying those who serve or have served our country in uniform. The survey, which is being conducted in conjunction with other endorsers of Jewish chaplains, Aleph […]

June Brunch Features New Officers in Maryland

By Fred Shapiro, Post 567 Commander WASHINGTON – Located in Leisure World of Maryland, the Charles Krieger Jewish War Veterans Post 567 held its end of the season brunch June 10th featuring the election of new officers for the coming year 2018-2019. The Post is the only veterans organization located in a senior community of […]