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Secretary Shulkin’s Five Priorities

By Herb Rosenbleeth At a recent meeting in the Omar Bradley Conference Room in the VA Central Office, I got to hear Secretary David Shulkin present his five most important priorities for reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs: The Secretary’s first priority is to increase choice for our veterans. “We think that is an important […]

On the Role of Women

By Lance Wang, Editor I must be honest.   I spent over 20 years in the Army, almost all in Infantry units.   I enjoyed the camaraderie of all-male units until I arrived at Brigade level.   Periodically, I would leave the world of polite society and head out to the field among other men – to go […]

The G.I. Bill – the Great, the Bad and the Ugly

By Carl Singer The Great First a quick history lesson – the original G.I. Bill was enacted in 1944.  JWV proudly can claim to have a strong supporter and advocate for the G.I. Bill.  We along with other veterans groups made it happen! Some say that World War II brought America out of the Depression, […]

An Analysis of the PAWS Act

By Bart Sherwood In response to the proposed House Resolution 2327 – “Puppies Assisting Wounded Service Members (PAWS) Act of 2017”, the Department of Veterans Affairs will be authorized to spend $10 million to again study the benefits of approximately 400 Service Dogs (Valued at $25,000. each) given to Veterans surviving with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder […]

Jewish War Veterans New Jersey’s Education Grant

By Mort Millinger At the 86th JWV Department of New Jersey Annual Convention, the Leo A. Seigel – Dr. Philip Shapiro Education Grants were awarded to three deserving recipients – Austin Grant, Joshua Schuman and Eric Schneider.  All are direct descendants of JWV members, and we could not be prouder of their education, athletic and community […]