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Tax Time: Veterans Edition

By PNC Sheldon Ohren Tax time is here. While most attention has been paid to the federal tax overhaul, most provisions will not affect tax returns filed for 2017. There is one change you may wish to consider as you fill out your forms. The tax law expanded the availability of the deduction for medical […]

#MeToo – How Should The Military and JWV Respond?

By Jennifer Brande, Post 126 The #MeToo movement is the latest word in the American vernacular. With Hollywood, politics and everything in between being touched by the accusations and proven acts of sexual assault and harassment, the one completely glaring missing area is the United States Armed Forces. Occasionally it comes to light, such as […]

We Need a Universal Draft

By PNC COL Carl A. Singer America needs a “Universal Service” where every young woman and man contributes to society via mandatory service.  As witnessed within Israeli society, such service is a vital resource, a badge of honor, and the price of admission so to speak as a full-fledged membership of society.  This calls for […]

Rosh HaShanah Phone Call With the President

By PNC Dr. Robert Pickard Just before Rosh Hashanah this 5778 (2017) I was asked to be the representative of the Jewish War Veterans USA on a phone conference call from the White House.  I accepted the honor.  I was #23 of a small group of leaders of Jewish organizations from America. I was instructed […]

Remembering the Beirut Barracks Bombing

By Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff, Post 212 From 1982-84, I was part of a three-man rabbi-priest-minister chaplain team assigned to Commander 6th Fleet on the USS Puget Sound, homeported in Gaeta, Italy. I visited all US ships in the Mediterranean in addition to frequent visits to the Marines in Beirut.  On October 21, 1983, I was […]

National Leadership Celebrates Veterans Day

By PNC Edwin Goldwasser This year, Veterans Day had special meaning for me inasmuch as my wife, Iris, is the President of our Jewish War Veterans National Ladies Auxiliary, and it brought back memories of my days as National Commander – where I attended official functions on behalf of JWV.  The one problem we faced […]

Do We Need To Return Stolen Jewish Iraqi Artifacts?

By Anna Selman, Programs and Public Relations Coordinator Just as U.S. Military Forces were storming Saddam Hussein’s Intelligence Building in 2003, our soldiers stumbled upon a treasure trove of Jewish Iraqi artifacts that belonged to a 2,000 year old community.  The sacred writings and belongings of the Iraqi Jewish Community were badly damaged through years […]

The Legacy of the American-Israeli Partnership

By Adam Lammon, Programs Assistant In the late spring, the United States and Israel signed an agreement to exchange cadets between the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis and the University of Haifa, broadening a military relationship which has endured for more than six decades.  As reported by The Jerusalem Post, the American cadets will spend […]

Controversial Statements by Air Force Chaplain Sparks Review by Air Force Inspector General

By Falk Kantor, Post 100 An Air Force chaplain has posted an article that contains several controversial remarks concerning service members and their obligations regarding their religion and the Constitution. Capt. Sonny Hernandez, an Air Force Reserve chaplain for the 445th Airlift Wing at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio, writing in BarbWire.com on September 12, 2017, […]

Doing a Mitzvah

By Bam Rubinstein, Member of Post 757 On Sunday, 24 September, 2017, I had the opportunity to do a mitzvah, in the place of a different mitzvah.  I joined a group of friends, and we went to an area that was devastated by Hurricane Harvey, to do “Tzedakah.”  Allen has a huge smoke pit on […]