A Jewish Voice for Veterans, A Veteran’s Voice for Jews

Benefits of Membership

With a JWV membership, you can enjoy comradeship, and support in times of need. You will be able to attend annual meetings, educative seminars, stimulating workshops, entertainment, tours and banquets.
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Learn about ways we support veterans and their families across the country, ranging from volunteering hundreds of hours at the VA to partnering with local Boy and Girl Scout troops!
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Resources from the VA

JWV is working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to make sure you have access to all the benefits you are entitled to as a Veteran.
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By Rabbi Levi Welton Long before I had the honor of serving in the United States Air Force, I was just a boy in Troop 613, the local Jewish Boy […]

As of today, Thursday, March 10, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is considered an honorary patron of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America (JWV). “Not only is […]

The Jewish War Veterans of the United States of American condemns Russia’s missile strike that hit Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial in Kiev on Tuesday. The strike was apparently targeting a […]

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA, at its recent National Executive Committee meeting, adopted the following resolution in response to a demonstration that occurred outside the home of Jewish […]