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FOR:         Community Wide Distribution

FROM:     Paul Goldenberg, National Director

DATE:      August 29, 2013

RE:           SCN Notification: Potential Security Implications of a Military Strike on Syria


SCN has been monitoring the rapidly deteriorating situation in Syria over the past several days, particularly as signals are pointing to a possible U.S. led military action against Syria in the coming days or weeks, spurred by reports of a suspected chemical weapons attack last week by the Assad regime, which reportedly killed 1300 people

Over the past few days, SCN has discussed the security implications of a Western-led attack against Syria with our national and local law enforcement partners.

Following the deployment of at least four U.S. Navy destroyers equipped with cruise-missiles to the eastern Mediterranean Sea, U.S. military officials have indicated they are prepared to launch an attack against Syria if authorized by the Administration.

Potential Security Implications

Both the Syrian and Iranian regimes, as well as their Hezbollah supporters, have repeatedly vowed reprisals should Syria come under attack by the West.

Like past Middle East conflicts, a western-led attack on Syria is likely to pose security implications for the U.S. and other participating Western countries. Israel has repeatedly been threatened and most recently singled out as “the first victim of a military attack on Syria,” a threat levied this week by Hossein Sheikholeslam, a member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the former Iranian Ambassador to Syria.

While security analysts debate whether or not Iran or Hezbollah would launch retaliatory attacks in response to a limited military action against Syria, a wider, protracted military engagement may increase the likelihood of retaliatory attacks, to include Western, Israeli and Jewish targets around the world, particularly in countries that typically lack a strong security presence. In addition to state-sponsored or terrorist groups, as we’ve seen in the past, sympathizers or others inspired by military action against Syria may engage in individual attacks.

Security Reminder

The U.S. has ramped up meetings with key allies over the past several days with signs pointing to a military action against Syria as the most likely scenario. If the current trajectory continues, a Western-led military strike against Syria could be launched in the coming days or weeks, potentially coinciding with the Jewish High Holy Days which begin at sundown on September 4th.

While there is currently no indication of any known, specific threat to the U.S Homeland as it relates to the Syrian situation at this time, out of an abundance of caution and proximity to the High Holy Days, SCN encourages our members to remain vigilant. Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies have been working closely together to monitor this ongoing situation and may be conducting community outreach should tensions escalate and military action seems increasingly likely or imminent.


In light of the current situation, SCN encourages Jewish organizations to revisit your security plans and ensure appropriate security measures are in place over the coming weeks, particularly throughout the duration of the High Holy Days. Those responsible for facility security are advised to closely monitor the developing Syrian situation and remain in close contact with local law enforcement regarding any security concerns. Those traveling overseas should pay particular attention to State Department travel warnings and alerts and register with the State Department when traveling overseas.

For additional information, resources and access to training programs, please visit the Secure Community Network website at

SCN will continue to monitor this ongoing situation and disseminate updates as warranted.

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