Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

National Awards

The National Awards Committee convenes each year at the Annual National Convention.

There are five categories of awards



  • All awards submissions MUST be submitted in individual notebooks. If more than one award submission is submitted, each submission must be in its own notebook.
  • The award category name and number MUST appear in large print on the OUTSIDE cover of the awards submission notebook. (Example: #8 — I. T. Rockman Award — Hospitalized Veterans)
  • Award submissions in the form of a letter, loose papers, photographs, etc. MUST also be submitted in a notebook with the awards category name and number on the front of the submission notebook.
  • Each award submission MUST contain a summary of the activity for which the award is to be judged: i.e., number of hours, persons, time and mileage required to accomplish the activity.
  • Proof of activities is required, such as photographs, newspaper clippings, flyers, etc.
  • Award submissions will not be accepted after the day proceeding the day National Award Committee convenes.
  • JWV members who are not on the National Awards Committee are not permitted access to the room where the committee is meeting. Access to this room is off limits whether or not the committee members are present.
  • All awards submissions notebooks MUST be picked up by authorized individuals from submitting echelons prior to leaving the National Convention. National Headquarters is NOT RESPONSIBLE for submission notebooks not picked at conclusion of the National Convention and will NOT RETURN NOTEBOOKS to submitting echelons after the National Convention concludes. Award submission notebooks will NOT BE TAKEN BACK to National Headquarters.