Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

National Scouting Program

Jewish War Veterans believes in supporting our country’s youth, especially the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. Scouting helps build character and confidence, and teaches responsibility to our young people so that they can grow up to become better citizens.

JWV encourages Posts to support Scouting by sponsoring a troop in any way they can- whether it’s through inviting them to volunteer alongside the members, offering support, providing leadership to the scouts, or assisting financially through patronage. All troops and scouts are welcome to participate with JWV, regardless of religion!

Additionally, to reward accomplishments and build a closer relationship with the community, Posts are encouraged to present new Eagle Scouts with the Jewish War Veterans’ Eagle Scouts Certificate. Names of the new Eagle Scouts in the local area can be obtained from your local Boy Scout Council and the certificates can be ordered from National Headquarters.

At the Eagle Scout’s ceremony, the certificate should be presented to them by members of the local JWV Post. We also encourage Posts to invite the Scouts and their families to a Post meeting, so the students can be honored and meet our members. As always, take plenty of pictures and email them with your (detailed) captions to Jordana Green at .

Posts that are involved in the Scouting program will receive a certificate of appreciation after they fill out the Scouting questionnaire which is in the packet containing the list of all JWV annual awards. The questionnaire can also be found on JWV’s website on page 14 of the Awards Guidelines packet. Please direct all submissions to John Lozzi IV at .

The Post with the most involvement with the Scouts (in proportion to their size) will receive the Joseph Demiany award at the National Convention. To apply, each Post should submit a report on their Scouting participation.

We encourage all Posts to submit a report for consideration!