Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Boy Scouts

One of JWV's basic principles has always been to support scouting, both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. We recognize the need to train our youth to be good citizens, and that Scouting Programs are excellent tools to accomplish this. Therefore we would like to have every post support Scouting in some fashion. The best way would be to sponsor a scout unit, a scout troop or cub pack, etc. Where this is not possible, the support of scouting with leadership and/or financial aid is suggested. Leadership can be at either the local unit or council level.

Finally, something that all posts should do, is present JWV Eagle Scout Certificates to all new Eagle Scouts. Obtain the names of eligible scouts from your local Boy Scout Council, order our Certificates from National Headquarters for these scouts. Finally, present the Certificates at the Scouts' Eagle ceremony. Doing this gets the name of JWV before the public in a very positive way.

We recognize all Posts that participate in the Scouting program with a Certificate of Appreciation. To obtain this Certificate, all that is necessary is to return the scouting questionnaire that is in the packet containing the list of all JWV annual awards, with the information about your participation in the scouting program. Please direct all submissions to John Lozzi IV at or 202-265-6280.

The Department with the best program in proportion to its size will be presented with the "Joseph Demiany" award at the National Convention. To apply, each Department should submit a report on the Scouting participation of the Posts in the Department. We would like all Departments to submit a report.