Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Capital Flag Program

Your Post can make a presentation of an American Flag that has flown over the Capitol of the United States of America in Washington, D.C. The presentation and promotion are entirely up to you and your own Post. Your Post can present the flag to your local school, City Hall, Temple, Synagogue, Community Center, etc. Your National Boy Scout Chairman recommends presentation of this flag to a Boy or Girl Scout troop or a Cub or Brownie Scout pack.

These flags are available to your Post in a 3' X 5' size. You may buy as many flags as you require.

DO NOT WRITE TO JWV NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS FOR THESE FLAGS. Here is how to obtain them: Write to your own Congressman or Senator and ENCLOSE A CHECK MADE PAYABLE TO CASH for the correct amount. He or she will take care of the ceremony in Washington in which they raise the flag over the Capitol and will then have the flag sent to you. With the flag, you will receive a CERTIFICATE FROM THE ARCHITECTS OF THE CAPITOL OF THE UNITED STATES THAT THE FLAG HAS FLOWN OVER THE CAPITOL OF THE UNITED STATES. If you want, you may add your Post name to the bottom of this Certificate with the date of the presentation, to whom presented, etc., and have it framed. Present this framed certificate with the flag, and encourage the people to whom you present the flag to hang the certificate in a prominent place.

Allow enough time for your Congressperson or Senator to accomplish this ceremony and have the flag sent to you. This may take six to eight weeks.