Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Tax Forms

Changes to filing the 990N: New Platform, Same Filing

If you have been filing the taxes for your echelon in recent years, you are familiar with The Urban Institute electronic filing platform. The Urban Institute was the vendor hired by the IRS to process 990N filings. As of February 29th, they will no longer be the vendor. What does that mean for you?

You will still file the 990N online, but now you will file directly through the IRS’s website. To do so, you must register on their website. This is a ONE-TIME registration. You will not need to register every year. The filing process remains the same. You will still need your echelon’s EIN and a record of gross income to complete the process. (Note, if you file before February 29th, you will still use The Urban Institute platform.)

What is a 990N? Who needs to file it?

The 990N is the tax form that the IRS requires all small tax-exempt organizations to file annually. An organization that makes $50,000 or less in gross income must file the 990N.

This means that EVERY Post, Council and Department must file its own 990N every year. If an echelon does not file, the IRS revokes our tax-exempt status. It’s that simple. We must file our taxes to retain our status as a Veteran Service Organization.

Helpful Items for Filing

If you have additional questions about filing the 990N, please contact Cindy Chambers at National Headquarters, or (202) 265-6280.