Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Fundraising Resolutions

At the recent National Convention the following was again enthusiastically supported by a vote of the Department Commanders:


There is a vital need to generate income for the General Fund of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America. All other sources of income – dues, fundraising, direct mail, sales, appeals, estate distributions and gifts (individually and collectively) – have proven insufficient to allow JWV to continue to operate at its current level of excellence.

This is a Proposal for Post fundraising activities to surround Veterans Day, i.e., November 11, 2015. The Program will be referred to as JWV VETERAN’S WEEK - FUNDRAISING. Elements of the Program will be as follows:


(a) Each active Post will be requested to participate in one “Veteran’s Week” - fundraising activity. The activity may take place during Veteran’s Week, or in the weeks preceding.

(b)Each active Post may select a fundraising activity from a list of 20-30 projects to be suggested by NATIONAL, or may choose one of their own.

(c) (c) 50% of the money and/or proceeds raised by each Post will go to the Post; and 50% will go to the JWV General Fund.


(a) NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS will create and have available for Post use a list of 20-30 “VETERAN’S WEEK” - fundraising activities.

(b) A person from National Headquarters shall be assigned as a liaison coach to each active Post re: VETERAN’S WEEK – fundraising activities. Said person’s responsibilities shall include:

            (1) Communicating with the Post on a bi-weekly basis.

            (2) Assisting the Post in choosing and implementing a “Veteran’s Week,”activity.

            (3) Cheerleading and encouraging the Post in carrying out said activity.

            (4) At the conclusion of the activity – aiding in the proper disbursement and distribution                 of the funds.


Members of leadership will serve as facilitators and helpers (when called upon) to Posts and National Headquarters in carrying out their responsibilities and requirements.

This partnership among the Posts, National Headquarters, and Leadership involving “JWV VETERAN’S WEEK” - fundraising requires work and implementation. But there truly is no downside. It can only generate needed revenue for the General Fund of JWV and our Posts. The amount it raises is up to us – our effort, ideas, and caring.

Let this letter serve as a reminder to your Post to please commence preparation for your VETERAN’S WEEK FUNDRAISING activity.

Any questions please contact Jordana Green at National Headquarters:
(202) 265-6280 or